I'm AFOLABI MARVELOUS S, a highly motivated, result oriented front-end developer, lover of music, video games and animals. I'm a positive, intelligent calm but proactive young man with a successful background in proper execution of task within a given time frame. Good team player with above average mathematical skills. I am proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React. I also use frameworks like bootstrap and tailwindCSS. I am a student of Obafemi Awolowo University. I love to solve problems with available tools. I'm a fast learner and I hope to learn a lot of things this year.

I started my programming journey about four years ago. The main reason why I wanted to become a developer was to help the world by building applications useful for me and the society. I was also fascinated by the way code was written. Due to the fact that my laptop was at a very bad condition then, I couldn't fully concentrate on writing code until late 2018.

The reasons I started programming still haven't changed. I love technology and I want to help the world become a better place through technology. I love learning. Learning never ends and I hope to continue learning.

I like to diversify where I get my knowledge. I will often read textbooks, view videos on YouTube or read write ups on StackOverflow that help me to understand things more in depth. I am also a pro member of egghead.io where I learn a lot from great instructors. I look forward to working with great teams with ambition to help make the world a better place.